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The Best Work From Home Practices During Coronavirus

1. Start Your Day With No Screen Time

We all spend significantly too much of our lives looking at the glimmer of smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions. Taking a walk or a run around the neighborhood can make you feel fresh and ready to focus on tackling your assignments, and responding to emails. This routine is even more essential for your mental health.

2. Get Started Early

No one is usually calling you early, so it helps you to plan the day out and catch up on emails and tasks that might not have been completed the day before. Starting early, also help you get the majority of the work completed earlier and you are more likely to focus better during the day.

3. Manage Multitasking

One of the most-used features on our phone is the timer! It’s helpful to carve out uninterrupted chunks of time to work on projects that require better thinking. There’s tons of research that shows that constantly switching between tasks weakens our memories and concentration skills, along with our ability to filter out unnecessary information. It’s not always possible, however the habit of using a timer will allow the time to switch over easily to focused attention.

4. Keep a Detailed Planner

For folks who aren’t used to working from home, our new reality might feel like every day is a free-for-all. But in order to maintain a routine (and your sanity), consider keeping a planner to map out what each day should look like, both professionally and personally.

What tasks do you need to complete for your current assignments? Which coworkers should you virtually check in with, and when? Then, what chores do you want to complete once you’ve shut your laptop for the day? If you strategize a plan for both work and home duties, they’re less likely to intersect.

I know the dishes are begging to be washed, but save that for once you’re off the clock.

5. Talk to someone

Verbal communication helps me focus on work, if you need to vent or talk something out, it’s best to talk it out then text or email it. I’m not talking hours of time, however getting up and visiting someone face-to-face instead of asking questions electronically.

Now that we all are isolated during these self-isolating times, talking to someone can help you keep on track, not to mention calm and less likely to go nuts.

So pick and choose which work conversations would be better over the phone or in a video meeting, and go for it. If nothing else, you’re making sure people you used to see every day are doing OK, and maybe that verbal collaboration will lead to more hacks for working from home.






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