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Melissa Jakes


Melissa Jakes, CEO + Founder of Rescue Event Planning, a Washington DC based boutique event planning firm to influencers, organizations and corporations. During her career she has been the right hand event guru behind some of the most epic weddings,conferences,baby showers,birthday parties andotheramazing events.


Her Clients Have Actually Given her the prestigious title of“The Olivia Pope Events". Now that most live events are pivoting to an online/virtual format during the pandemic, Melissa’s expertise in online event planning is a hot commodity. According to Melissa, she enjoys and takes great pride in her event planning process.“Honestly,providing clients with a great experience during the event processis truly why I love my business.”


In Addition To Live And Online Event Planning Services, Melissa And Her Company Rescue Event Planning also provides several course offerings on various topics related to event planning and entrepreneurship. She gives “Mompreneurs” the tools and services to balance career, business ownership and management with family. Melissa has Spoken several events such as Facebook Boost events, conducted workshops at universities and small businesses. 

She provides entrepreneurs with special tools to combat what she calls “FWD” (Fear,Worry,Doubt) obstacles in order to break through and become successful owners. She Also Provides Potential Professional Event Planners and every day novices with the tools to create epic events on their own.This Includes Offering An Event Planning Template, tips & tricks not just for live events, but also for the new world online event formats, and Business Planning and Social Media Management services.

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