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Build. Brand. Launch.

Project Management Services for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors, and Small Businesses


Build, brand and launch your product or service in the digital marketplace. 


Services Include:

Help with creating sales funnel, project management, creating products and services, launch strategy, creating sponsorship packages, press releases, marketing strategy, content calendar, execution of marketing plan, update Website and Social Media updates as needed, and basic graphics in Canva. 



3 months (1500), 6 months (3000), or 9 months (4500).


Examples: Book Launches, Virtual Launches, Business Launches, Product Launches, Course Launches, Conference/Virtual Summit Launches

Social Media/Brand Management for

Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors, and Small Businesses


3(1500)-6 month minimum commitment 


Melissa Jakes, Event Planner to Influencers, will handle all social media (facebook, twitter, and Instagram) and newsletters. Below you will find the scope of work.


Includes the Following:

2 - 45 minute Brand Strategy Meetings per month to discuss content and business goals.

2 - Implementation Hours Per Month. 

Create a calendar of content for social media post on all three platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

Create Bi-monthly emails and management email listings.

Create Bi-weekly marketing strategy and advertising campaigns.

Update Website and Social Media updates as needed.

Create graphics in Canva for newsletters, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Helping Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors, and Small Business Manage their social media content, process, and marketing strategy. 


Increase their visibility in the digital marketplace

Help them build their brands. 

Help them manage their businesses and social media. 



Investment $500/month or $250 every 2 weeks

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