Money, Mimosas, and Mommyprenuers is a virtual experience you will never forget! This virtual conference will be more than a virtual event, it will be a transformation! We discuss being intentional, impactful, and implementing your 2021 goals with some dynamic Mommyprenuers who have grown their businesses. This Money, Mimosas, and Mommyprenuer Conference will take a dive deep into several areas of being a mother and a businesswoman with various topics such as, self care, scaling your business, products and services, branding, and so much more. We are super excited for you to experience this conference!


The bundle includes:

  • Lifetime access to the virtual event
  • Money, Mimosas, and Mommyprenuers T-shirt
  • Money, Mimosas, and Mommyprenuers Journral
  • Money, Mimosas, and Mommyprenuers Power moves candle
  • Make Money Through Live Events Workbook
  • Rescue Event Planning Pen

Mommyprenuers Bundle

Mommy T-Shirt